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Lakeside EMS Team

Lakeside EMS (Emergency Medical Services) is a team of dedicated professionals with a vast array of experience. These team member are the backbone of our communities, and the heartbeat of Lakeside EMS services.

Critical care transportation can be stressful for both the patient and their families. Lakeside understands this, and has compiled the absolute best equipment, services, and dedicated professionals to ensure the most compassionate and concise treatment.

Learn more about our dedicated team, top-notch equipment, and our continuous commitment to our community below.

Caring For Our Community

The Lakeside EMS team is committed to the safety and well being of our communities. In doing this we have donated countless hours towards prevention, awareness, and public health and safety activities. Time and resources are devoted in OUR communities and non-profit organizations to seek cures, while protecting our community’s most precious resources.

As an advocate for our communities, Lakeside EMS has special programs for those in financial need, and never declines transportation based on income, status, or ability to pay.

National Service Area

Lakeside EMS provides emergency and Critical Care Transportation for intra-facility, and facility to home needs. Our Cross Country Transport Teams provide these services with specialized equipment to ensure patient comfort and care. Lakeside EMS provides intra-facility transportation from one of three bases, and dispatch closest mobile Ambulance Teams from anywhere in Illinois.

Disaster Response Teams are also deployed from one of three bases across the nation, in the event of natural disaster or medical facility evacuations. Lakeside has been requested by Federal response agencies due to our specialized equipment and staff.

Contact Our Team

Please contact our staff for general inquiries, and billing questions. Our professionals are ready to assist before, during, and after your care.